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Sunday, July 31, 2011

scandal: Derek Estacio Duane Lao - Nude Sex Video

hello bekies! i know this is something not hot off the grill or something but Derek reminds me of this awesome vid i seen - this made me cum so many times... hehehe...

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By CoconutLover with 15 comments


This was such a fun video, and dang sexy too. Those guys are hot!

hey there mizal, try getting the most recent copy of vlc, i'm able to play the video there.

Hi how can I play the video in my ipad2

there's a vlc player built for ios, it's in the itunes store now. here's the link to it:

It's says that it's not available in iTunes Philippines. :| I want to see that video too.


Do u know any porn site I can watch this video? Thank u!

there was a post from ibaangpinoy in redtube before but it gone now. try xtube or yahoo maybe

Wow...i watch this video three times already its makes me horny all the way

Try the site and search "derek scandal 3gp".

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